Real Estates in city centers in the immediate vicinity!

Our leased facilities are focusing primarily on good locations near city centers with good transport links. Our main aim is also to keep rent levels reasonable. We acquire more stocks when suitable targets appear on the market and we meet our criteria of high standard building.

                                Currently Rentals: 


                                 Helsinki, Finland

                      Vallila, Helsinki 2.5 m2 (Reserved)

                      Vallila, Helsinki 4.5 m2 (Reserved)

                                     Vallila, Helsinki 4 m2 (Reserved) 

                                     Vallila, Helsinki  12 m2 (Reserved)

                                                         Vantaa, Finland

                          Kivistö, Vantaa 12m2 (8/2022)

                          Kivistö, Vantaa 45,5m2 (8/2022)


                                                            Oulu, Finland

                        Ritaharju, Oulu 12 m2 (Reserved)

                                           Levi Diamonds

                        Levi, Sirkka 58,5m2 (ask for booking)



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